Welcome to The RC Submarine Shipyard!


Getting one of my models ready at SubRegatta – Bratyslawa 2018

RCshipyard.com is a place where you’ll find both – the necessary knowledge and some of the critical parts for your underwater model. The information gathered here is mostly based on my own 20 years of model making and operating experience.

I was never afraid to learn from my friends and colleague model makers – drawing conclusions from both their successes and their failures. I’m a designer by profession and have quite a decent experience in kits assembly, plastic model  to RC conversions, scrath-builds, CAD design and resin casting. I’m always open to new technologies like 3d scanning, high quality 3d printing and of course to (not so new) CNC. I was making my first steps by assembling kits from Engel, Meriman, Graupner, Scaleships, Modelslipway and of course long gone Robbe. Now I feel obligated to share that knowledge to others.

I hope you’ll have a nice time here.


Last update: 01.09.2019.

The development of the Trumpeter Seawolf SSN-21 WTC has been finished! The model is now complete and running!

More videos, photos and a building thread can be seen HERE!

Update: 01.06.2019

Added a video of the model Russian Akula diving:

Update: 20.05.2019

Added a video of the model Russian Kilo diving:

Currently in development are:

– The 50mm WTC and conversion kit for the Trumpeter Soryu class.

– The 60mm WTC for the 1:35 Type XXIII from Bronco.


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